Jake Chec

By George Loukas

Jake Chec has literally taken the EDM world be storm. First, with his mixed radio show, "The Executive Mix" – broadcast on 26 stations around the world – where he continually rubs elbows with high profiled DJs, and then with his music. He sat down with SoulMatters to give us a little insight into his success.

SoulMatters: Why do you produce music?
Jake Chec: I guess music runs in my blood, since both parents were/are musicians, even my sister djs, its natural for me. I love new ideas, melodies, big choruses and hooks, especially with dance you never get bored as there are soooo many and new music comes out all the time. With dance music you can really break boundaries regarding traditional methods or writing/arranging etc, I love that!!

SMM: DJ wise, are you CDs, Vinyl or computer?
JC: I started on vinyl, CDJs now, once I have a budget going ableton 100%, one of the most amazing and powerful live performance tools. It's a shame seeing a lot of DJs using this now a day but only to 10% of it's potential.

SMM: If you had the opportunity to work with anyone who would it be?
JC: Hmm, these are always tough, keeping it Canuck Adam K, internationally, Manuel De La Mare, Liam Howlet (Prodigy).

SMM: Who would you consider to be a pioneer in the music industry?
JC: Well there have been so many. From the early days (well when I got in to this EDM business 1998) Prodigy, more recently Deadmouse and Jerome Isma.

SMM: Let's get right down to it Jake. Where can we get your music?
JC: Most of my stuff can be found on Beatport and DJ download.

SMM: If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be?
JC: A cell phone of course!! lol

SMM: Anything personal you wanna say to Soulmattersmag.com readers?
JC: A word of advice to all producers out there, "There are no rules to making music, if it sounds good, do it!"

SMM: Thanks Jake!